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STEP 1: CREATE A PROFILE by clicking the Login button. Log in using your regular Davidson username and password. Be sure to include your cell phone number, academic interests, and study abroad goals.

Once you create a profile, you may search for programs and save your favorites to your profile. This is your personal site; be sure to check it often for important announcements.

We encourage students to consider studying abroad the spring semester of their sophomore year; however, junior year is also an option. Please schedule an appointment with a study abroad adviser as soon as possible to discuss your options.

STEP 3:  REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT with a study abroad adviser. If you feel confident about your program choice and do not think you require an advising session, please skip to step 4.

STEP 4:  APPLY TO PROGRAMS - after deciding on which program to apply to from the Approved Programs list, click on the "Apply to Program" link on that program's webpage.

All students, regardless of program, must complete a Davidson online application.

Students applying to a Davidson-administered program for the fall, spring, academic year, or summer must select the desired Davidson program, click on the "Apply to Program" button, then complete that Davidson online application.

Students applying to a partner (third-party) provider program such as IES or CIEE for the fall, spring, or academic year must select it by clicking on the "Apply to Program" button, then complete the Davidson online application for that program and apply directly to the approved partner provider (Davidson = permission; partner provider = admission). If you choose to apply to more than one partner provider program, apply directly to all of them, but you only need to complete one Davidson application because our requirements are the same for all partner provider programs. There is no need to do extra work!

Students applying to a partner provider program for the summer must select “Summer Program - Partner Provider,” click on the "Apply to Program" button, then complete that Davidson online application and apply directly to the approved partner provider.

Most programs accept qualified students on a rolling admission basis. All application materials, including transcripts, recommendations, and any supporting documents, must be submitted to Davidson and the approved partner provider program by the Davidson application deadline:

Summer, Fall, and Academic Year:  February 1
Spring:  October 1

Please note:  Partner provider deadlines may differ from the Davidson deadline. If you do not submit all of the materials by the Davidson deadline, your study abroad permission may be revoked. Please pay attention to the Davidson deadline.

PETITION PROCESS:  Students who have a compelling academic reason to study abroad through a program that is not on Davidson's approved list may submit one petition, which will be reviewed by the International Education Committee. For more information, please refer to Petition Process and Petition Deadlines.

STEP 5:  COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FOR LEAVE FORM after you have been accepted or before the deadline listed below when you are ready to commit to your study abroad program.

The Application for Leave Form notifies study abroad, financial aid, business services, residence life, and the registrar of your plans. Pay close attention to your email for further instructions from each office. The Application for Leave deadline is:
Fall and Academic Year:  March 15
Spring:  November 1
There is a $250.00 penalty if a student submits the Leave Form after March 15 for the fall semester/academic year or after November 1 for the spring semester. There is a $500.00 penalty if a student submits the Leave Form after June 15 for the fall/academic year or after January 1 for the spring semester.

Students participating in a partner (third-party) provider program for the fall/spring/academic year will be billed a nonrefundable $350.00 administrative fee when the Leave Form is submitted. This will be directly charged to your student account.

Study Abroad Office: Once you submit the Leave Form, you will receive a “Final Program Selection Confirmation” form through e-mail from the on-line system. Please complete and submit it to the blue forms box in the Study Abroad Office hallway. Additional items for the following departments are also required:

Registrar’s Office:  Complete and submit the Pre-Authorization to Transfer Credit form to the Registrar’s Office, which approves all transfer and distribution requirement credit. You will often not know specific courses in advance. That is okay; list up to six probable courses. Others may later be approved by email to the Registrar.

Financial Aid Office:  Read the two important instructional pages in the Student Financial Assistance Information for External Study. Also, please complete the Direct Deposit Request for External Study and submit it to Business Services.

Business Services:  If applicable, submit the Direct Deposit Request for External Study to Business Services.  Also, please make sure you do not have any outstanding charges on your student account. This includes unpaid parking tickets, overdue library book(s), DVD fines etc.

Residence life:  Please also be familiar with the information posted under Study Abroad and On-leave Student Housing. If you have specific questions or concerns that pertain to this department, please directly contact them.

RECOMMENDATIONS:  Most study abroad programs require 1-2 letter(s) of recommendation from professors. Professors need at least 3 weeks advance notice before the deadline. In addition, you should:
1) Ask recommenders politely (preferably in person) if they feel they can write a positive letter for you and if they feel they know you well enough in XX academic area to write a letter. For language assessment recommendations, it is to your advantage to ask your most recent professor to write the letter.
2) Share the deadline with your professor and remind him/her of your request a few days before the deadline.

3) Remind your professor of the course(s) you had with him/her, the semester, and your final grade. Including a written assignment or exam from the class is helpful. If a more extensive letter is required, please include your resume, or at least information about your GPA, extracurricular activities, accomplishments, interests, reason for selecting your study abroad program and the goals you hope to accomplish during your semester overseas.

4) Include a pre-addressed, stamped envelope if your professor needs to mail the recommendation.

5) "Waiving your right" or “not waiving your right?” You do have the option to view the information your recommender submits. If you choose not to waive your right (which means you can view the information), inform your professor so he/she is aware and can let you know whether he/she is comfortable writing a recommendation on your behalf.

PASSPORTS:  Be sure your passport is valid for at least six months after your program ends. If you need to obtain a new passport, please note it can take up to six weeks for U.S. citizens to receive it. More details can be found on the U.S. Department of State passport website.

VISA WARNING:  Passports must be surrendered as part of the visa application process. Since it may take up to 90 days to receive a visa and have your passport returned to you, participating in consecutive study abroad programs in different countries, particularly between summer and fall, may be problematic or impossible.

Davidson College and consulate staffers cannot guarantee that a visa will be granted by a foreign government in any circumstance or in any time frame. International students should schedule a consultation with the International Student Adviser, Bea Cornett, to discuss their visa status.

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