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In addition to the many international opportunities available to students, Davidson also offers programs within the United States, each with its own unique focus. The current options are listed below, but we encourage you to check back periodically as additional programs may be added.
This program was created to ensure that all liberal arts graduates have the skills, networks, and opportunities to shape and lead in a world of rapid technological transformation. Students with no background in tech are strongly encouraged to apply as no prior experience or course prerequisites necessary. The program offers a semester option and a shorter 4-week summer option.
During the semester option, students build projects that demonstrate their initiative, creativity, and technical skills, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL. Students will also engage in conversations with a range of leaders, from early in career to seasoned CEOs, in fields such as education, healthcare, financial services, and media. Upon completion of the program, students will have explored tech-related jobs and companies, expanded their professional network, and created a portfolio of project work. Students will earn a full semester’s worth of credits.
The four-week summer program offers one course credit and allows students with no technical background to develop skills in web design and data visualization while exploring how they might have an impact in tech. Each day they will be learning and applying technical skills, often in partnership with other students, and they’ll also have many opportunities to network with professionals across a range of jobs and industries in tech, from startups to large established companies. Students will also explore, comment on, critique or celebrate the impact of tech via the lens of justice, ethics and community. Visits with tech companies, professional networking, and portfolio projects round out this experience.
Administered by the Political Science Department, Davidson in Washington offers students the opportunity to gain real-world government internship experience within the nation's capital, while simultaneously obtaining course credit for a political seminar taught by a Davidson political science professor. An eight-week program with a long-standing and notable history, the program has two full-course credit components: a political science seminar and a government internship. It is offered every summer.

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