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Parents & Families

We are excited that your student wants to study abroad! This is an excellent way to learn new skills, mature and be independent, and to learn about the world in tangible and meaningful ways. We hope this website provides you with useful information as you support him or her on their journey.

We take your student’s safety very seriously. Please visit the Forum on Education Abroad to read our industry standards and strategies for addressing student safety abroad, and learn how your student can prepare for an international experience.

*Please Note*
For the class of 2023 and future classes, Davidson College will follow a home tuition policy for fall, spring, and academic year study abroad. Under this policy, students who study abroad with a partner program will pay to Davidson the College’s study abroad and tuition fees, and the College will pay the partner program’s tuition cost to that program (up to Davidson’s tuition fee).  Students will pay all other program costs, including a non-refundable deposit, directly to the partner program. This policy aligns Davidson’s practices with many other U.S. colleges and universities.

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