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The attitudes and expectations of women vary depending on the country, and being an American woman abroad, if applicable, may pose additional challenges. Hollywood films and other media viewed throughout the world have done a lot to disprove as well as to reinforce stereotypes about American women. In order to prepare yourself, it is important to research cultural norms for women in your host nation. For additional insight and guidance, please review the resources below or speak to an Education Abroad Adviser. 

Nancy Newport, a health consultant to the U.S. Peace Corps, provides expert advice to women about how to effectively manage and avoid sexual harassment abroad in this article in the Center for Global Education SAFETI online newsletter.

Davidson Student Testimonials

"My advice to other women studying abroad would be to listen and ask questions before creating judgments. Prepare yourself by talking to others who have studied abroad in similar settings but know that nothing can completely prepare you for the difference in mindsets you will likely experience. Be ready to learn and be ready to embrace that our backgrounds make us different from each other."

"As women, we face challenges despite our physical location. Traveling within the U.S. can pose just as many threats to our safety as traveling abroad.... I challenge women to go abroad, to learn about different perspectives on femininity, and to be empowered by our ability to explore the world through Davidson College."

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