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Dietary Restrictions

Cuisine is a great way to bridge cultural gaps and a wonderful opportunity to learn about your host culture. If you have dietary restrictions, you may need to research and plan in advance of your travel to ensure you will able to safely enjoy this aspect of your program.

Initial Planning

Whether your dietary restrictions are related to health, lifestyle, or religion, we encourage you to inform your OEAA advisor as early as possible in the process.  We believe that all students can study abroad successfully, but it is helpful to discuss and consider which locations may be easier for you to navigate.

CSATxTunghai University, Summer 2023

Things to Consider

Review these tips and questions as you plan your experience.

  • Research how your need(s) can be accommodated in your destination.  Some dietary restrictions are less common in certain locations, so you may have to make an extra effort to obtain or avoid certain foods.

    • Will people in my host country understand my dietary restrictions?

    • What are the local attitudes towards food and dietary restrictions?

  • Consider your living arrangements.  Be forthcoming on your program's housing questionnaire, and consider the following:

    • Are you expected to make your own meals?

    • Will you be sharing a kitchen?

    • Will you be able to eat in university dining facilities?

    • If living with a host family, how will you communicate your needs with to them?

  • Learn key words or phrases in the local language so that you can accurately describe your needs, ask questions, and check ingredients.  

  • Consider bringing a card with information in the host language that you can use to convey information when dining out.

For Students with Severe Allergies

  • Talk to a doctor who is familiar with your dietary restrictions.

  • Notify your on-site program staff of your allergies as early as possible once accepted to the program.

  • If needed, be sure to bring a supply of all necessary medication for managing your allergy; refer to our pre-departure guidelines for traveling with medications when packing.

Food & Culture

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