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International Students

As an international student, you already are studying abroad; however, if you have a desire to explore other countries, we encourage you to do so. We understand that your situation may be different because of your nationality and visa status. The relationship between your home country and your country of interest for study abroad may be unlike the relationship between the United States and your home country. This will affect where and how you obtain proper documents prior to participating in a study abroad program, so please research this information carefully in advance. Davidson College strongly discourages students from studying in their home countries or countries in which they hold citizenship. 

Also, please contact International Student Programs about possible changes to your U.S. visa if you study abroad. 

International students may apply Davidson financial aid towards a Davidson-approved study abroad program during the academic year. However, international students may not use their financial aid to study in their home countries. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

  • What is the process for keeping your SEVIS record active while abroad?
  • Are there requirements you need to complete after returning to the United States?
  • Will you need a visa from the country where the study abroad program is based?

Davidson International Student Testimonials

"I strongly encourage all international students to speak with an Education Abroad Adviser early in your Davidson career. Even if you’re a freshman, it doesn’t hurt to know what your options are. It helps to plan early, which will make your application process easier and allow you to schedule your time at Davidson better. Also, be flexible and adventurous. Don’t limit yourselves to countries that are simply close to your home country, and don’t be disappointed if your passport doesn’t allow you to acquire visas from certain nations."

"The LSE option was the perfect opportunity for me to explore potential career options and interact with internationally recognized scholars."

"Overall, study abroad has been the best part of my Davidson experience. I learned so much, and ... study abroad has really helped me appreciate the role international students play at Davidson.... While 'studying abroad' is not the same as being an international student, they are both equally important, and sometimes experiencing one helps you appreciate the other."

Switzerland and France
"My biggest concern was whether or not I could get my student visas on time. Obviously, the visa procedure is different and takes longer for an Ecuadorean than for an American student. However, my partner programs worked with me throughout the whole process, and it was easier than I imagined."

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