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Emergency Insurance

All students are covered by Davidson's international emergency travel assistance insurance EIIA for the duration of their program. There is no additional cost for this coverage. If you are participating on a partner program, the partner program’s insurance coverage will serve as primary, and Davidson’s EIIA policy will serve as secondary coverage. Detailed information regarding the EIIA policy will be sent to your Davidson email address before the end of the term prior to your departure. Be sure to review all health insurance information with your family or guardians.

You should contact your U.S. health insurance company to see if they also will provide coverage abroad. DO NOT cancel your U.S. insurance policy while you’re abroad. In case you need to return to the U.S. for medical reasons, this will become your primary insurance. Also, if you have any pre-existing conditions, it is to your benefit not to cancel your insurance. If you have health insurance through the College, it will cover you abroad. You will need to contact Business Services to let them know you would like to continue the coverage for the term(s) you are abroad as you will not automatically be billed or enrolled.

If you need to seek medical treatment abroad, you should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket for the services you receive and then submit a claim form to EIIA for reimbursement. Please see the EIIA Medical Reimbursement Claim Form or the EIIA Trip Cancelation or Interruption Claim Form for a step-by-step guide to submitting a claim.

Accessing EIIA Insurance Documents:

All Davidson students are automatically granted coverage through EIIA. There is no additional registration required; simply follow these steps to access your insurance information:
  1. Visit the EIIA website
  2. Scroll down to the "Access to Important Documents" section
  3. You can then download a copy of the ID card and other important documents

Additional Resources: