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Semester & Academic Year Programs

Spending a semester or academic year abroad can be one of the most impactful experiences you'll have during your time at Davidson. Every year, Davidson sends dozens of students abroad on semester-length study abroad or away programs.  Review the information on this page to explore your Davidson and partner program options, and determine whether a semester or academic year program is right for you.

Why consider a semester or academic year program?

The idea of short- and long-term study abroad is relative, but it is undeniable that studying abroad for a semester or academic year can offer a different experience than just spending a few weeks abroad.  Going abroad for a full semester or academic year allows students the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the host culture.

All students planning to go abroad for a semester or academic year must select a program from the approved programs list.  The list is generous, with both Davidson-led and partner programs, totaling more than 120 options spanning across all disciplines and most of the globe.  The options reflect many different locations, course offerings, GPA requirements, and cost factors.  The OEAA encourages all students to meet with an advisor to help determine the type of program that will work well for their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Davidson Programs

On a Davidson semester program abroad, you'll spend a fall semester with a Davidson faculty member and a cohort of your fellow Davidson students, living and learning on-site.  You will take at least one class taught by Davidson faculty, but there will also be opportunities to take classes through the partner organization or directly with a local host institution.  Visit the program brochures linked on this page for more program-specific details.

Partner Programs

In addition to our own Davidson programs, the College also approves a select list of programs from our study abroad partners, third-party organizations which facilitate study abroad in a variety of locations around the world.  Browse the full Approved Programs List to see your options, or conduct searches by country or region.