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Winter Break Programs

Winter break offers limited program options that may work for some students.  The short time frame during the break between fall and spring semesters works best for students who are unable to go abroad at other times, or who have specific, targeted goals.

Why Consider a Winter Break Program?

Winter break programs may be good options for students such as graduating seniors who have not yet had the chance to go abroad.

Important Reminders

  • Keep the Davidson academic calendar in mind when researching winter break program options.  Students are responsible for ensuring that the program they choose does not overlap with the end of the fall semester or start of the spring semester.

  • The winter break application is for credit-bearing study abroad only.  If you are planning non-credit-bearing international activities over winter break (e.g. research, volunteering, etc.), you should not complete a study abroad application.  Please complete a Travel Registration instead.

Program Options

Although Davidson does not have an official "approved list" of programs for the winter break, a number of recommended program options are available through our partner organizations listed below. 

Students applying to any of these programs must complete a Winter Break - Partner (Non-Davidson) application in the OEAA portal by no later than October 1.


Snow-covered mountains in Switzerland

Recommended Winter Break Partner Program Options